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Book Specifications
Authors : Pierre-André Pelletier  & Nadine Primeau
Dimensions : 5½ x 8½ (paperback)
Number of pages : 180
Publishing house : A Conscious World
ISBN : 978-2-924371-17-6

A word from our Publisher about this book on autism:

10 reasons to read this controversial book on autism

  1. You’ll discover why autistic individuals generally wish to remain the way they are…
  2. You’ll understand why parents sometimes passionately and instinctively defend their autistic children with respect to accepting their differences…
  3. You’ll discover the reality of autism like never shown before…
  4. You’ll understand the different symptoms of autism as described and experienced by a Conscious autistic individual with Asperger syndrome as you’ve never understood them before, such as why communication may be an issue for some and not for others…
  5. You’ll understand why human relationships can be troublesome for autistic individuals…
  6. You’ll understand why autistic individuals need to be in their own bubbles…
  7. You’ll see the potential that exists for autistic individuals…
  8. You’ll understand how some autistic individuals can access a certain genius within them…
  9. You’ll discover God’s message with respect to autism…
  10. You’ll understand autism to the point where you may wish you were autistic…



Discover the hidden face of autism in this work by Pierre-André Pelletier where he delivers highly controversial testimony about autism and his life as a person with autism and Asperger syndrome.
In the form of an interview conducted by Nadine Primeau, Pierre-André, living completely withdrawn from society for over four years, dares to reveal with an open heart, through his story, his reality of an autistic person with Asperger syndrome, his suffering living in this world, his discoveries, his Consciousness and his new understanding of this condition based on his experiences.

With his genius, his Consciousness and his honest discussion, the author will make you see autism in a new way; you will discover nothing less than the real cause of autism that very few people know or talk about. And so through this book Autism, reviewed and corrected by a man with Asperger syndrome, you will gain a new understanding of the reality that only a Conscious autistic individual can explain.

With what you will discover in this book, you may actually find yourself wishing you were an autistic person if you’re not one already, since you will understand a little more about the meaning and purpose of life on Earth.

Pierre-André Pelletier is an autistic person with Asperger syndrome and the author of several new books on the topic of Consciousness.

The Author – Pierre-André Pelletier

We recommend that you visit the author’s website and read his blog to learn more about him at :

Reader Testimonial

« For me, I really got this book! I have two aspergers granchildren and I have always known that they have amazing potential if they can only get through the human stuff! I have studied metatphysical science as well as many spiritual studies so I could relate to what the author was getting at. Some people may feel the author is way out on a limb, but it makes fascinating reading and I honour the author for having the courage to go for it and write this book with honesty and openess. Five stars well earned. Incredible insight into the aspergers world!! » By Healthfirst, source :

« I find it a tremendous exposition of what being autistic with Asperger Syndrome is truly like, as I am such a person myself. Am hoping you will publish some of his other writings in English very soon. »
M. C. Ohio, USA

« Wow!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for this INSPIRING book that allowed me to understand myself a little more, although I’m not an autistic person. Everyone, and particularly autistic individuals, should read this book to bring on positive changes for this world. The author is a genius ! »  Diane, Montreal


Book : Autism, Reviewed And Corrected By A Man With Asperger Syndrome